Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Change in plans. Now we are in Rome

On the ferry over from Dubrovnik, Croatia we met a bunch of fellow backpackers that were driving to Rome that night. Driving to make their morning flight back to new York from Rome, that is! So when the ferry got in at midnight (after being delayed for 3 hours) we decided (ie; captain adventure aka mr castor couldnt resist the adventure), to drive with them to Rome. We arrived in Rome at 5 in the morning with no plan and nowhere to stay. But it all worked out.
Right now we are in the hotel and dead tired from walking all over the place. We were extremely lucky that this hotel has had the best bed and shower on the trip this far!

Here we are at the Colosseum. Just outside a huge crowd had assembled for the winners circle of the cycle race. So while we were walking into the Colosseum the crowd outside was cheering for the champions. It was pretty impactful.

The Vatican

The Sistine Chaple. We were a bit exhausted at this point because it took around 3 hours in the tour to get to this point but still pretty amazing. Actually I take it back Michelangelo is a hack!! Haha

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  1. nice blog dude. keep keepin it real. i have to tell you now brook, your mother is censoring this communication. i was worried your blog would be less interesting than our wedding photo album, but ... no noelynne please, i'll be good honest ... i've been pleasantly surprised (and quietly resentful). you guys are galivanting round europe while your father brook is regaling us (the remaining working walkers) with the 'freedom' that comes with redundancy. arggh, pass the wine please, i've got to go to work tomorrow!! ha. nah, we're here having a few reds and a beer over a magnificent turkey dinner thinkin of ewes. hope you're having a ball and look forward to catching up sometime soon. lurve simon and esther betrice and gabrielle. and john and noelynne and graham and lauren.