Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More fun

Ok, yesterday was a pretty fun Brooke day. We're staying in a little village outside of Avignon, in Provence and I decided it was well worth the splurge to take a little wine tasting trip around the cote du rhone region. To both our delight, we were the only ones on the trip - so we were chauffered around the provencal countryside tasting wine into the evening. It was beautiful, however it's a little too early in the season for lavender blooms and sunflowers. We spent most of our time in chateau neuf du pape which was pretty special for me as I can remember learning about this wine in one of my first French lectures at uni, before we learnt any new vocab! So - these grapes are grown with pebbles scattered over the top layer of soil - serving as a blanket for the crops in the evening, releasing warmth from the days sun. Also these grapes must be harvested by hand and cannot be irrigated - the roots must find the water source - geeky, boring, I know! But they tasted pretty awesome. To complete the experience we had an eccentric French guy guiding us through the tasting - correcting us along the way and giving us a good education on tasting- watch out next time we're tasting with you - we're sure to embarrass with our slurping and swirling style!! Chin chin!!

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  1. Excellent. I hope they are letting you taste the 2005s. It's supposed to be the best vintage in a long time.

    In your FACE!