Thursday, June 18, 2009

O' Valencia!

Excited we arrive, a little lighter, but en Espana nonetheless! Yes, Ryan air, cheap little beauties they are - but tough on their excess baggage rules. Happy to entertain, we "cleansed" our backpacks for all to see at the check-in desk. After our first tasty authentic tapas meal at the airport we caught a bus two hours south to Denia.
We arrived at 11pm, a little tired and ill prepared - I didn't have the hotel address written anywhere. You can imagine, bus station, 11pm = not so glamorous part of town. With neither of us willing to sense or scout out this hotel, we call a cab. The cab was more than happy to come and transport us the two blocks he could before we reached the pedestrianized zone wherein our hotel lay! Another day on the road with the castors!!

To be sure we enjoyed tasty fresh Valencia orange juice this morning.
The Spanish tiles are all so beautiful. The hotel is a restored manor, below is the pretty bathroom tile!

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