Saturday, May 30, 2009

Off to Italy

Sitting here waiting for the ferry to Bari, Italy. A real dump according to the Lonely Planet but is the only way to get to Italy from Dubrovnik,Croatia.
We've had a great time in Croatia and had some good laughs in Dubrovnik. We bought a painting from this guy on the street and talked to him for about half a hour then he volunteered to help us look for this Bosnian coffee grinder that Brooke had seen in Split,Croatia. We walked all over Dubrovnik and along the way our tour guide/street painter would point out little things, like the watermelon size creaters in the sides of buildings from bombs that had gone off in the city walls. And also how many of the roofs around the city had also been replaced from the bombing.

A pretty amazing little town with lots of fun places to eat along the little streets.

This bar was built right into the sides of a cliff and after your drink you could jump off the cliffs into the water for a swim.

Ok off to Italy!!!

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