Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yoga Camp update - zen & tonic

Balance - that's what it's all about. Yoga ... Life & also a good holiday.
When researching our yoga portion of the holiday, I wanted to ensure it was a little more everday joe, than a complete ashram experience - I mean we couldn't go cold turkey from our lunch and dinner vinos!
So, thinking we were among purests after our intro meeting where everyone sipped on fresh juice, we'd just had a cold cervaza in our room... We thought it would be an interesting week...
As with everything, balance was retained by midweek when 3 of the yogis sucuumbed to temptation - stayed up till 6am drinking with fellow English sailor hotel guests. Managing perhaps to tip the scale a little with their passing out in the bathroom and missing morning yoga! This was the yoga retreat for us!

A few of our yoga party animals with nicole, our fantastic teacher, and kirsten, the funniest Scottish lass we've met!

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