Sunday, May 3, 2009

Test run on the bikes

As many of you know, soon we will be catching up with friends Shannon and Taylor for a bike riding adventure from Vienna, to Prague, over 8 days. Shannon and Taylor have actually ridden their bikes from Belgium to meet us in Austria for this little novelty stretch of a ride! In an effort to be a little better prepared, we rented bikes yesterday in Luxembourg and enjoyed a 60km ride between villages along a picturesque river nestled amongst fairytale like forests. We survived, yah! Phewf! With only minor saddle injuries, I'm sure we'll toughen up! Of course we were pretty proud of ourselves and toasted this feat on our little picque-nique!! As the photos show - parents be proud, sun smart, and safety first, euro fashion falls in last place...!!!

You can always get a hold of us on skype. Just add brookecastor as your friend. If you don't get a hold of us just leave a text message and we'll call you from the next wifi spot. If it's not too late there.

Miss you all

Andy and Brooke

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