Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Korcula, Croatia

This is the view out our window. To the right you can see the town of Korcula, which is this amazing medieval walled town.

Our first day here and we ate at this little pizzera. This was pretty hilarious because this restaurant was actually two completly different restaurants sharing the same space. There was this line of demarcation where one side had blue table clothes while the other had red ones. This was explained to us by the maƮtre d. "This is big problem, yes big problem" he said while we decided in which place we were going to eat.

Good stuff. And a liter of wine. Oh boy!


  1. Hooray for updates!

    Looks like you guys found your groove. Eastern Europe looks incredible. But who is the homeless guy traveling with you with the ragged beard?

    I've been out hitting golf balls Andy, so you'd better be ready for a little competition when you get back. Did you play?

    We miss you guys!

  2. Im pretty sure prostitution in legal in croatia. Let me know.

    Miss you two kooks.