Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 3 Czech bike ride

We did almost a 100 k's today and are feeling pretty beat again today. The country has been beautiful and the food and people have been really good as well.

The yellow from the canola fields look like it is right out of a painting. The yellow is so amazingly bright.

This was pretty spectacular as well. The last remains of the iron curtain. The Austria/Czech border. At the top of the photo you might be able to see the watch tower. Beyond this fence was a 100 meters of land mines and before that the Czechs had poisoined the land. Making it almost impossibe to breach or escape. They said the number of people killed here has never been published.

This is where we are staying tonight. Great little town called Telck.

Here is just a funny message for Jason and Alison from Switzerland. Get over here!!

Miss you all

Andy and Brooke


  1. If only. Aaaaarrgh. Looks great and damnit I wish we were on the way right now. I hope you guys are having a kickass time.

    How sore is your ass?

  2. I too feel bad that Alison and Jason aren't with you. They never get to go anywhere.

  3. glad to hear from you, safe and exhausted
    love m&d

  4. What? No smack back from jason? I feel ripped off.

  5. Well Phoebe, to be fair, I don't obsessively recheck my comments to see if they've garnered a response. That would just be pathetieeeuh, er, normal and fun. Maybe I should.