Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Or "todo" to the locals as we now learn the correct pronunciation as we leave! Tata, Hungary that is. Why tata? We got this question a lot, didn't seem to be on any touring rador - which both appealed ... And scared us a little!! We wanted to be somewhere a little rural, but within daytrip distance from Budapest - a little country air after Prague, and of course, a golf course.

To add a little more suspense, we arrive into tata at 8:15pm- no hotel reservation - but our saving grace, a scribbled name and address of a possible hotel - one of the only few I found during my research!
After 3 nights here, we give tata the big thumbs up!! Two thumbs up to all tata bus drivers! Of course we arrive and have no idea where town is, or how to get to it - no lonely planet map to refer to .... Only info the lonely planet could provide was that Hungary's uniqueness didn't stop at it's incomprehensible tongue - yikes!! Well after a fun exchange of communication with the first bus driver - me, smiling with lots of large arm gestures and pointing - bus driver with lots of pensive looks, chin rubbing and a few phone calls - we were on our way! We were ushered onto two different buses and given directional instructions with more emphatic arm gestures. A cinch! Crucial first word we learnt was "thankyou" in hungarian. Great people as the warm hospitality didn't stop with the bus drivers and their free rides, extending to the cleanest laundry ever, and we both enjoyed the therapeutic touch from peter, the local massage whiz!

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  1. It all looks and sounds good.Plenty of fun time with rail adventures.You both look extremely well.
    love mum & dad