Monday, July 27, 2009


That's right - I am sure you have guessed by now, indeed we are home again - back in sunny California. It is apparent that we fell "off track" regarding our blogability over the last two weeks of our adventure. Not only did we not find many wifi zones in the areas of France we were in, I'd like to think we were busy soaking up those last few weeks of fun, fun, fun.
Maybe we'll back catalogue those weeks at a later date. We enjoyed fun & adventures in the south of France - working in Yannick & Ingrid's Creperie de Lys, breaking down in front of opulent champagne chateaux in Champagne, and living it up in Paris before our return home.

For Andy, it was quite a culture shock, back in the USA - such wide streets, big cars & everyone speaks English! 
Whereas I am still wrapping my head around the fact that we actually went on this huge, awesome, fun adventure - that the departure day actually came, we actually went on the trip & now, now its over?! WOw - what fun! And we recognize how extremely lucky we are that we were able to organize and go on this trip - we wouldnt have traded for anything!

Counting our lucky pennies, we both have returned to work, our house is still standing & we have sunny days to enjoy in Manhattan Beach!
We're also getting to know the 3 baby boys, born into the family while we were gone -
Ellis Castor
Leo Christopher Masters
Finbar Spartacus Ace Fleischer
All too cute!

It's not exactly wine with our picnic baguettes, followed by siestas, but it is great to see our family & friends and enjoy a little summer together.... even if it means working.... 

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