Friday, April 24, 2009


Ok fellow readers sorry it has taken us a few days to get this post up. I'm sure you have all been waiting with baited breath for an update from the Castors. We have just returned from Ireland and are now in London staying with our friend Sandy from Wollongong University.
Brooke and I have been keeping a journal so we'll just take some excerpts to put in this blog. Brooke's journal is more based in facts, mine tends to embellish some of the facts and just outright lie at some points, so basically between the two of us, you'll get the whole story...kind of.

ANDY'S JOURNAL (mostly illegible)


Just arrived in Ireland. Drove for an hour and a half on these tiny little roads from Cork to Skibbereen. We are staying in this little cottage that was build in the 1800's which is relatively new for Ireland. It was once a small stable and where we are sleeping was originally a stall for the horses. An Irish home for Asthmatics is what I call it. Both of us are exhausted and after we walked around town and found no food we went to the supermarket and decide to make a traditional Irish dinner. Pizza.

Ok, new day here in Ireland. Been talking with my new accent all day. It's been a real laugh, just ask Brooke.
Took off this morning to see the sights. Drove up to this little hill just outside of Baltimore and hiked around a bit, Saw a castle from 1215, Took lots of video, just ask Brooke. Also saw lots of medieval condominiums in Baltimore, complete with rock walls. Brooke thought that was pretty funny. Chalk one up for me!
We have been having a blast the two of us. One funny game that Brooke has developed has been keeping us laughing all day long. It actually started back when we left from LAX. I was on the phone tying up some last second things when Brooke asked for my ticket to see about an upgrade or exit row seats. When she didn't return, I went up to the gate just in time to see her round the corner down the corridor to the plane. Lucky for me they still let me on the plane. You can imagine Brooke's face when she saw me walking down the isle. Oh we had a good laugh about that. Right before we took off I noticed Brooke quietly sobbing. I asked her what was wrong and she said "I'm just really gonna miss LA" ahwww sweet thing, I thought.

Driving around in Skibbereen has been quite an adventure. The roads are really tiny and while in town I there was this delivery truck coming right at us. He was not stopping so only thing left to do was drive up on the ol' sidewalk. Luckily the guy on the sidewalk was a few feet behind me and I didn't need to kill him.

Well sorry this post is all for today but will return with more stuff later today now that we have a computer. I do have a good Castor disaster that almost happened. It involves golf and my abilities, or lack there of.
Off to go see London! bye bye

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  1. Baltimore? I knew it--busted you in your lie. You are just following the Orioles on the road.

    And it's sweet that Brooke lies when you make her cry.